Factors Affecting The Conditions Of Sleep Essay

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There is a common saying that, in order to reduce the total amount of time you spend in sleeping, you must increase the quality of sleep (Postawski, 2011). Surprisingly, many people have limited knowledge and beliefs about what sleep is. Most of them do not pay attention as to how it affects health. However, sleep is needed just as the basic needs like food and water. The quality and quantity of sleep affect daily functioning and the general health of an individual. Therefore, any factor that affects the sleeping patterns of an individual cumulatively can be a health concern.
There are several factors that affect sleep. Some of the factors are modifiable, while others cannot be modified because they are part of their growth (Townsend-Roccichelli, Stanford, & Vandewaa, 2010). Age and sleeping problems are some of the main factors affecting sleep (Townsend-Roccichelli, Stanford, & Vandewaa, 2010). Sleeping problems have different classifications, although most of those that are hard to control are associated with age. However, there is no guarantee of getting a sleep problem in old age. Some continue with normal sleeping patterns even when they are too old. Therefore, the best way to relate sleep disorders is by taking into consideration the medical, psychological and social disturbances (Townsend-Roccichelli, Stanford, & Vandewaa, 2010).
The leading sleep disorder among older patients is insomnia (Townsend-Roccichelli, Stanford, & Vandewaa, 2010). Insomnia can present as…

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