Factors Affecting Children 's Influence On Children Essay

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Children are like a sponge; they absorb influences from the environments they are

exposed to very quickly. Environmental factors, parental influences and many other outside

factors can possibly affect children not only in their early childhood, but also at later ages.

Parents especially are the most influential factor for acquiring language and social skills when

children are very young (Pancsofar & Vernon­Feagans, 2006) because of the large amount of

time children spend with them. Thus, it is important to examine the possible factors and

acknowledge how they would influence children.

Language development of children has been studied by many researchers. Barnett,

Gustafsson, Deng, Mills­Koonce and Cox (2012) have studied the bidirectional association

between parenting, and children’s language development and social competence skill while Lee

and Kim (2012) have focused on different parenting styles and their impacts on children’s

vocabulary skills. Pancsofar and Vernon­Feagans (2006) focused on linguistic influences of

parents; they examined mothers’ and father’s language input to their children and its impact on

children’s development. More broadly, McNally, Quigley (2014), and Pungello, Iruka, Dotterer,

Mills­Koonce and Reznick (2009) have studied parental and familal influences on children’s

development. Research studies on influential factors on children’s development have been

conducted by many researchers, but not as much research was done to examine…

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