Facilitators Of Active / Successful Aging Essay

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Facilitators of Active / Successful Aging
According to Rowe (1998), factors contributing to successful aging are the individual’s lifestyles choices, their innate personality in how they approach life, and a positive attitude build in resilience. Consider resiliency, by definition—quality of life does not always relate to physical illness. When comparing similar socio-demographic factors, those factors relating to positive outcomes for resiliency were the ability to recognize the people who could be relied upon. Further, those individuals stating greater autonomy and flexibility were notable in those positive outcomes. Resilient individuals also talk about their experiences more. Those individuals flourished despite adversity (Hildon, et al. 2008).
Physical exercise is more important than earlier lifestyle choices or even above heredity. Evidence indicates that positive lifestyle choices of healthy diet, strength exercise, and active social networks supersede heredity. An absence of disease, education, and lifelong learning provide the necessary support for improved cognitive performance well into the older adults later years through meaningful and productive activities.
In 2001 national organizations such as the National Council on the Aging, the American and, the best-known and largest of these group, AARP, worked with government agencies concerning current health care and aging issues. The National Blueprint: Increasing Physical Activity Amon Adult Age 50 and…

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