Face Interaction And Education Of A Student With A Disability

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Face-to-face interaction and education of a student with a disability can be a difficult task but so can teaching a student whose parent/s has a disability. There are countless factors that need to be considered in order to make the family as well as the student feel comfortable in their school and community. The inclusion of a parent with a disability is just as important as the inclusion of a child whether they have a disability or not. The acknowledgment of them as an independent individual is empowering and reflects the entire community’s spirit. It is mainly through the exploration of the report “More Than getting Through the Gate” (Disability council of NSW, 2001) that I began to understand just how much needs to be taken into consideration.
The importance of education regarding disabilities and how others learn is pinnacle in the development of a more diverse future. Creating awareness for staff, parents and students of those with a disability will simplify the understanding of those in the community. As expressed in recommendation 3 the “principals ensure teachers and other staff in schools have regular and easy access to support resources concerning parents with a disability.” (Disability council of NSW, 2001, page 9) If the staff of the school treat the parents with respect and take time to consider their individual needs it can be reflected and act as an influence for students at the school. This recommendation can be implemented through staff meetings,…

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