Fabrics Inc Case Study

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Background of Fabrics, Inc.
Fabric Inc. started out as a small organization, and within time had growth. Two years ago there was only one supervisor and that was the owner. The organization started out with twenty employees and grew to more two-hundred. This allowed for growth within the organization. As the organization grew fast the owner decided to get a consultant. The owner felt that there was a problem arising due to the growth and was not able to handle them (Blanchard, 2013).
The owner felt that he was not able to keep any of his loyal and good employees. The owner also felt that the supervisors are not treating the employee’s right. But the owner pays the supervisors very well. There were also other problems like the supervisors are treating the customers wrong and most of the supervisors were promoted within the organization, and there was not any management training (Blanchard, 2013).
The supervisors are very rude and they also get into arguments a lot with the customers and also the employees. The owner states that there is a lot of arguments within the plant. The
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The training objectives shows what goals have to be achieved, for example, what trainees need to know by the end of the training? Training design is the process of getting a blueprint for the development of training. This means whether or not the training has to be in the classroom on the job or a combination of both. The design process will set the stage for the development of a program that allows for results (Rajput, 2011).
When it comes to the design phase there are two things we must remember. They are the learning and the transfer aspect. When it comes to learning, the design must show the motivation of the trainees and where the training is taking place. The social learning theory and Briggs theory of design will be used to start out with, with each instructional event (Blanchard,

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