Essay on F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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The Great F. Scott Fitzgerald: Narrated by F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald lived a very unique life, from growing up in the midwest to becoming a successful writer, his journey could only belong to him. Fitzgerald’s life is emulated in the book The Great Gatsby by both Gatsby and Nick, but if this is true why would Fitzgerald have Gatsby die? Fitzgerald crafts The Great Gatsby such that Nick and Jay Gatsby represent two possible paths of his life, as evident through experiences, conflicting through time and ultimately favoring the life and views of Nick, with resentment for the life that could have come of Jay Gatsby with better intentions. The most evident similarities in The Great Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life are portrayed through Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby’s true life story is often disputed throughout the book, yet, once it is known, we can see that Jay shares some life experiences with the author F. Scott Fitzgerald. The first evidence of these similarities is when we discover that Jay is really from North Dakota, “Just why these inventions were a source of satisfaction to James Gatz of North Dakota, isn’t easy to say.” (Fitzgerald, 103). Knowing that Jay is from North Dakota, the similarity can be drawn to Fitzgerald 's early life having grown up in Minnesota, also in the midwest (“F.”). This similarity is expanded when Fitzgerald reveals Gatsby’s ties to Minnesota specifically when he states that Gatsby’s father resides there, “I think it was on the…

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