Essay F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer who did not receive the credit he deserved during his lifetime. His personal life had an effect on the way he wrote. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s lifestyle and his book, The Great Gatsby, fit in perfectly with the Jazz Age during the roaring 20’s. He wrote in a traditional writing style, which also helped him fit into the Lost Generation. F. Scott Fitzgerald was influenced by his marriage and his problems with alcohol during his life. His figurative language and traditional writing showed how he fits into the Jazz Age and the Modernism/The Lost Generation of American Literature.
Francis Scott Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota to a loving mother and an alcoholic father. His father was considered a failure at everything he did. After his father lost his job as a salesman at Proctor and Gamble, his family was forced to move and live off of his mother’s money (“F. Scott Fitzgerald”). His family did not have much wealth and was excluded from many social elite events ( Staff). Fitzgerald felt that his family and him were excluded from the opportunities and freedoms that the people with money had (Keshmiri and Mahdikhani 81). Throughout his life growing up, F. Scott Fitzgerald attended a couple different catholic schools. When he was 13, his first story was published in the St. Paul Academy newspaper (“F. Scott Fitzgerald”). In 1913 he applied and was accepted at Princeton University. While at Princeton he spent almost all of his…

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