African American Migration During The Harlem Renaissance

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Migration Influenced African Americans to bring out cultural pride. African American culture was reborn in the Harlem Renaissance. The musician’s, artiste, and poets were all influenced by the jazz, and the need for a form and individual rights for African Americans. The African American people believed that the power of the Great Migration brought along the artistic explosion. Black people move from southern states to northern states to find a way out of poverty. They always looked for a way out to be creative and jazz was the answer. Jazz was the big key to the great migration; it brought hope to all the young people and adults. The jazz movement brought happiness and faith to the African American society. The jazzy type of music was super popular during this time. The jazz music was played in almost every home. The love of the heartfelt soul music was a way to relieve stress and hatred towards others. Lots of poets played a big role, because they had to step up to have a voice to lead. Jim Crow law and disenfranchisement violence happen because of the color of African American skin. They was discriminated just because they was different .Every African American who made the big move felt like it was better opportunity for the economic, and their families. Segregation was going …show more content…
Jazz was super popular during this time period; everybody had a part to contribute. Clothing and fashion was shape, and brought a new color to the new age, and it was also influenced by the style of music. Clothing was very classy during this time. The effect of jazz not only affects musician, but also jazz poets. 1920’s jazz involved around American cultural. Lots of Jazz and blues influenced musical arena of the Harlem renaissance. Musicians such as Louis Armstrong played a big role of the jazz age. He was inspirational with the tone of music that he used. Louis Armstrong music spoke to the young crowd, and to help them find their path of

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