F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby Essay

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Every night we dream. Some are remembered and some are lost. However, it is the dreams that we strive for that matter the most. The American Dream is often defined as an equal opportunity to all, which allows the highest aspirations, and goals to be achieved through hard work and determination. In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Myrtle and Gatsby attempt to escape their social classes by seeking wealth, to ultimately achieve the American Dream. Living in a world where the division of social classes is ingrained into the minds of the wealthy, it is impossible for Myrtle and Gatsby to break away from the lives they are trapped in. However, they are willing to risk everything to rise above their social statuses, in order to be accepted as old money. While Myrtle is trapped in the hopelessness of the Valley of Ashes, she believes that she can experience a life full of wealth and power through her affair with Tom Buchanan. Meanwhile, Gatsby reinvents himself through the use of wealth, in hopes of recreating his past with Daisy. In a hopeless pursuit of an unattainable dream, it leaves Myrtle and Gatsby lost in reality as struggle to fight their way up the social ladder. As a result, Gatsby and Myrtle strive endlessly to achieve the American Dream by seeking wealth, although, it is clear that they will never be like the Buchanans because they are not old money, depicting that the American Dream is an empty pursuit and is corrupted by the desire for wealth.

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