Essay about F. Scott Fitzgerald 's Life

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Fitzgerald’s luxurious life seemed to spiral downwards after his wife was admitted not once but twice into a mental institution. This was in 1934, several years after her affair with an aviator and the crumbling of her marriage to Fitzgerald. The last years of Fitzgerald’s life are spent writing a series of telling pieces. The first, released in 1934, was called Tender Is the Night (Sincerely F Scott Fitzgerald). The initial reception of this novel was not overwhelming. Instead, its fame steadily grew after Fitzgerald’s death similar to how the price of artwork increases once the artists offs themselves. The second piece in 1934 was a series of essays known as The Crack Up. Originally published in Esquire magazine, the essays were more of a confession than an artistic piece (Laing 84). Fitzgerald struggled as a playwright for a couple of years before he became disgusted with Hollywood. Fitzgerald retired to Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina after a bought of tuberculosis. Fitzgerald was warned to stay off of alcohol, but he did not listen for more than a month or two. In North Carolina he would attempt to finish what would become his final novel. He was barely half way through the manuscript when he met his end in the form of a heart attack. He was only 44 years old at the time (Sincerely F Scott Fitzgerald). Biographies: The Original World’s Most Interesting Man Does Not Just Drink Dos Equis Fitzgerald’s life was all but that of an average man when compared…

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