F. Scott Fitzgerald's Tender Is The Night And This Side Of Paradise

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F. Scott Fitzgerald is one of the many well known authors of the 20th century. Fitzgerald produced many works including The Great Gatsby, Tender is the Night, and This Side of Paradise. Fitzgerald’s success started in his early 20’s and is comparable to that of Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner. Fitzgerald was viewed as a bit superficial and many people thought of him as such. Fitzgerald’s impact has lasted for over 100 years and while there have been various other prominent authors prior to Fitzgerald his name is still known throughout literature.
Fitzgerald’s works had differing effects throughout critics. Some critics revered Fitzgerald’s works as that of great impact and language. Other critics claimed that Fitzgerald failed to get
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The Murphys would later become a part of Fitzgerald 's final completed novel, Tender is the Night. In 1925 Fitzgerald’s third novel, The Great Gatsby, was published. The two spent several years following the publication of his third novel in Hollywood with Scott working on films and the two constantly fighting. In April of 1934 Fitzgerald’s fourth completed novel, Tender is the Night, was published accompanied with good reviews and strong sales. In July 1937 Fitzgerald returned to Hollywood a different man than he was before. He was given a contract by MGM and he worked for roughly a year and a half. MGM did not renew Fitzgerald’s contract and he was forced to freelance. In the last six months before Fitzgerald’s death his life spiraled out of control.. Fitzgerald fired his agent, failed to generate any income off his novels, and continue to decline in health. On December 21, 1940 F. Scott Fitzgerald died at the age of forty-four without completing his fifth novel, The Love of the Last …show more content…
While Fitzgerald is critical of superficiality in Hollywood, Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby demonstrates a persona of wealth and shallow character. Gatsby holds onto the few months of love he felt with Daisy before he left for the war. Gatsby holds onto these feelings and is constantly stuck in the past. Fitzgerald’s entire life was put into his works, both metaphorically and literally. Fitzgerald wrote for the life he wanted to have while at the same time rebuking the very ideals he wished

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