Extylistic Analysis Of The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost

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Robert frost is one of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious American poets of 20th century. He won four Pulitzer prizes
During his life time and gained lot of popularity not only in England but in whole Europe. His
Poetry dealt with elements of nature personal and social aspect of human beings. His themes are
Very inspirational, innovative and call of his age. The aim of this paper is to analyze Robert Frost’s poem “The Road not taken” from the viewpoint of stylistic analysis. This analysis covers the different aspects such as the lexico-syntactic patterns and choices, semantically, grammatically, and phonological patterns. This analysis is helpful in understanding the basic concept of poem that is
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His poem reflects his broad outlook and realistic approach. Frost does not believe in international brotherhood but is a diehard nationalist. He believes that an individual ’s natural relationship to society extended to his family , close friends , then home town or local community , his state and finally his family . Frost’s poems create a memorable and pulchritudinous impression by the overwhelming presence of nature. In his poetry, we find a skillful combination of outer lightness and inner gravity. Frost is of the view that a poem begins in delight and ends with a wise idea. Frost saw nature as an alien force capable of destroying man, but he also saw man’s struggle with nature as a heroic battle. The poem “The Road not taken” is written by Robert Frost and one of the prettiest poems in the English language. In this poem he relaxes meter to gain a more conversational tone. It revolves around the main theme of making …show more content…
Both the paths are covered by leaves. They are still in yellow color. It indicates that nobody has used the roads up to that time. The poet wants to take the first road on another day. He comes to the decision of taking the second road. The decisions taken in life are often final. There is no turning back.
The poet tells this with a sigh that what will happen later with his choice. He has selected the road which is less travelled. That is the difference between the first road and second road. There is an adventurous spirit in his decision. Actually, The Road not taken speaks of how we are often forced to make decisions involving alternatives. The theme appeals to everyone, as the need to choose the right path. It is a problem often faced in life.
There are two roads that lead away from a common point. The person standing at the junction is in a dilemma whether to go by this road or that road. But the roads appear to be attractive. The traveler has to take a decision. The road not taken by him already or less travelled is a better choice. There is an adventure in it.

The poem goes through the past, present, and future about Frost’s

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