Extrinsic And Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation Essay

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Most college students spend their four years of college finding their career paths in their lives. Many factors play an important role for the student such as money, image, or fame. Some students take a much different approach such as personal growth, close relationships, and physical health. These two factors are called extrinsic and intrinsic respectively. Studies done by Kasser and Ryan showed that people who strongly aspired for extrinsic needs tend to report poor psychological health. Those who pursued intrinsic aspirations reported a positive well-being, including positive affect, vitality, and self-actualization. Basic psychological needs a person should have is autonomy, competence, and relatedness these are the cornerstone of psychological health. More research helped promote that pursuing intrinsic aspirations facilitate a basic psychological satisfaction. Most of the studies focused on the pursuit of intrinsic needs relative to extrinsic needs. The primary goal of this study is to find aspiration attainment. Most contemporary theorists suggest that people feel good when they attain their goals. However many arguments have proposed that people who attain these goals through intrinsic aspirations have better satisfaction of psychological needs. In a current study that was conducted the goal was to focus on psychological health over a one year period that spanned one to two years after college. This would focus on how extrinsic and intrinsic aspirations benefit…

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