Extreme Cost For Higher Learning Essay

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Extreme Cost for Higher Learning Many students have questioned if Loan Star College should be a four- year institution. “In 2007-08, 62% of associate degree recipients and 70% of certificate recipients graduated from community colleges without student debt” (collegeboard.org). I think Loan Star should remain a two year college because it saves students a lot of money on tuition cost and it is easier to graduate. “Although four-year schools get all the media hype, many high school graduates head right to a two-year institution. Looking at the facts, it’s no surprise why. Cheaper, quicker, and highly vocational, two-year schools offer students the chance to start their careers sooner and with less (or no) debt (Christina Couch). It is no secret that schools such as Prairie view, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, and Baylor get a lot of media attention due to the enormous amount of activities that happen on and off campus. Loan Star being a small close knit college does not get all the bad media when shootings, fights, rapes and other acts of violence that occur on university campuses do to the large amount of activities. I believe that Loan Star should remain a two-year college because receiving a degree would be easier at a smaller institution. Most students go to community college directly after high school, so they can have a better chance to get to know the professor and students in a smaller environment. Students have found out that community…

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