Extracurricular Activity Involvement Affects College Acceptance

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Furthermore, the large commitment of competitive sports makes it difficult for children to find time to explore different opportunities in their community; these opportunities include lots of different things including different sports other than the sport they specialize in, jobs, different community service activities, and extracurricular activities at school. When children get to experience all of these different things, they not only help make the children more well rounded people, but the different activities also helps give the children an edge when it comes to college resumes. In an article titled “Extracurricular Activity Involvement Affects College Acceptance” written by Peterson staff, it talks about the different things that colleges look for when accepting new students, including different things such as dedication, leadership, and true involvement. In addition to all of those things, a critical aspect that colleges look for in students’ resumes is the balance of all of their activities:
…Diverse ventures appeal to admission officers who are offering college acceptance. If you participate in the science club, drama club, and tennis team, you 'll usually stand out more than someone who only chooses athletics. …Similarly, balancing school-related activities (clubs, teams, choirs, etc.) with those taking place elsewhere (volunteering, scouting, church groups, community theater, etc.) suggests that your horizons extend beyond the schoolyard. (Staff)
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