Essay on Extinction Of An Animal Or Plant Species

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Extinction of an animal or plant species occurs when there are no more individuals of that species alive anywhere in the world. The species has died out. It is a natural cause of evolution. Although they’re not many species to go extinct in Iowa, the modern day rate of extinctions is quite high. Many of the extinct animals listed people did not know were Iowans.

Blue Pike (Sander Vitreus Glaucus). Many of the Blue Pike fish lived in the Great Lakes as recently as the 1950’s. This fish was representing as much as 50% of the commercial catch out of Lake Erie. But, overfishing, pollution, and belated recovery efforts led to their extinction in 1976.

There are several birds who have fallen into the list of extinction. One of them is the Carolina Parakeet also known as the Conuropsis Carolinensis. This bird is the only member of the parrot family to have lived north of Mexico. It’s range originally started at the eastern shores of the U.S. and stretched as far as Nebraska. The bird is about the size of a grackle, with bright green body plumage and a red and yellow head. Their tendency to eat crops and extensive flocking behaviors made them targets as agricultural pests, their bright feathers didn’t help their situation either because they could be used in the millinery trade. The population was decimated by early farmers and hunters so much that they were very rare to see outside of Florida by the 1860’s. Reduction of deciduous forest habitat is thought to have been an…

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