Exploring Psychology And Christian Faith Essay

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It is important to live a life that is stable within its own health, as well as its own thoughts. Psychology helps explore the significance of the mind and body in which the two become one. The use of Mnemonic strategies connects thoughts, in sharing the importance of a well managed life through our purpose. How our personality then can affect the actions we choose to do which is the lining of our thoughts. Through the book Exploring Psychology and Christian Faith, we see how God correlates in how we go view this world.
Two mnemonic technique that would enable you to remember the following list of grocery items: milk, eggs, margarine, oranges, rhubarb, ice cream, eggplant, and sausage, would be the use of the Name Mnemonic and Word Mnemonic. When using both of these specific techniques a person is capable of further remembering their grocery list. When applying the use of either one of the above Mnemonic strategies one could take the first letter of each word to make a person’s name or word. Before the list of items was an excessive amount of information for the brain to retain but when combining two ideas, a connection can be made. Creating a name there is the ability to visualize each letter in a person 's name. This allows the mind to search for similarities in correlating letters. Memory enhances when applying a second element to the equation. When having a word to refer back to the brain designs pathways to uncover each letter to an individual word. Having the…

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