Exploration And Development Of Oil Exploration Essay

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Oil exploration began in the Subcontinent in 1866 with the drilling of the first well, Kundal-1 (Khisor Range, near oil seepage); in the region that now constitutes Pakistan. The first oil discovery was made in 1915 in Potwar, located in the Punjab Province, from Miocene / Eocene rocks; that field is still on production through artificial lift. Since 1915, Potwar remained the traditional ‘oil patch’ of the country till the oil was struck in 1981 at Khaskheli-1, drilled in Badin area of Sindh Province. Meanwhile, a world-class gas discovery at Sui was made in 1952 in the Balochistan Province. It was followed, in late 1950s, by four more gas discoveries in the vicinity, and since then exploration and development has continued in all the above regions. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province emerged on the oil map in 1998; a bit late but proved to be a most prolific ‘oil patch’, and all the more at a time when the production from the traditional Potwar was on decline!
The decade of 1950s is considered a period of extensive exploration with multinationals joining hands, but the lack of oil discoveries resulted in a sharp decline in exploration activities during early 1960s. The multinationals, except Stanvac (Mari gas field), withdrew. The Government then established the state oil exploration company, Oil & Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) in 1961 with the assistance of the then USSR. OGDC made their first oil discovery at Toot (Potwar) in 1968 from Datta sandstone (Jurassic); it was the…

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