Explication Of Glory Of Women By Siegfried Sassoon Essay

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Paper 2: Explication of Glory of Women
The poem “Glory of Women” written by Siegfried Sassoon can best be described as a direct address to women during the time of WWI. The title, “Glory of Women,” is quite ironic seeing as though the term “glory” carries a great religious affiliation. The word itself refers to praise, honor, and distinction, words generally not synonymous with Sassoon’s tone throughout the poem. Additionally, another irony present is Sassoon’s utilization of sonnet form for this particular poem. Sonnets are typically associated with the expression of love. When one thinks of a sonnet, an affinity of some sort comes to mind. Pleasant images are usually present, items missing from Sassoon’s shrewd, accusatory tone throughout the poem. The irony implemented through the poem’s title and overall structure create a sly, intense build up to a blatant and a bit enraged message--women are blind to reality.
The poem begins with the first quatrain which Sassoon uses to express initial discontent with women.
You love us when we 're heroes, home on leave,
Or wounded in a mentionable place.
You worship decorations; you believe
That chivalry redeems the war 's disgrace.


Utilizing strophic form, the poem resembles a typical sonnet structure rhyming words like “leave” with “believe” and “place” with “disgrace.” The lines, though not delightful in their meaning, rhyme every other line, keeping the message simple and understandable. After all, a sonnet…

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