Explain The Objectives Of A Teaching Assistant

Register to read the introduction… The teaching assistant should be familiar with all plans and should identify and source resources required.

As a teaching assistant it is important to recognise that children are individuals and as such will differ in expectation, motivation and learning styles which can be affected by factors such as culture, gender, family, peers and previous experiences. The teaching assistant supports the school and teachers to develop inclusion so that all children regardless of barriers can access the curriculum and enjoy a good learning experience.

This may be achieved by providing ideas, materials and strategies, organizing and managing learning, intervening or redirecting the experience or assessing the learning and recording achievement. As always one should know the learning objectives and how the success of each activity will be
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Explaining – children should understand text, be able to make predictions, question the ideas in the text and clarify, make connections to prior knowledge. Investigation – children should be encouraged to explore the language and decode words. Equipment and resources - are widely available as workbooks, games and computer programs to reinforce learning at home and at school. Modelling – by reading to children on a daily basis one is modeling fluency, expression and developing knowledge of the world and a lust for reading. Repetition – reading and rereading can improve word recognition, accuracy and …show more content…
The following strategies may be used to support number skills development:
Planning and Stimulation – pupils explore, acquire, consolidate and apply knowledge/ skills. Pupils need to feel stimulated and their imagination captured. Explanation and Reinforcement – Concepts in maths should be explained using correct maths vocabulary. Pupils should have opportunity to use and apply what has been learned, identify connections to other areas of work and be able to draw on their ideas to interpret/ explain their results and methods.
Explore and Question – Pupils should be shown how to explore maths and look for patterns and question underlying concepts by being able to discuss and think through their ideas and methods putting them into real-life context.
Differentiation – In order for all pupils to access the learning, feel challenged and supported, the work should be differentiated

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