Experiential Learning Model Of Reflection Essay

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I have chosen to use Kolb 's (1931) experiential learning model of reflection to reflect on my personal experience of moving house. I feel this was the best model to aid me in reflecting on this experience because it allowed me to reflect on what happened, what my experience of it was, why it happened and what I will do when it happens again (McLeod, 2010).
What happened?
I lived with my parents for 20 years, we had always lived in the same house, so I had never experienced the transition of moving before. In May 2014, my partner and I decided to purchase our first house. After viewing a property and our mortgage advisor we decided to make an offer; on the 31st July our offer was accepted.
What was my experience of it?
Following the offer being accepted we were informed that it would be a quick move. However, on the 26th August we were unaware of how the process was progressing; I rang our solicitor who confirmed that we had the required paperwork completed and that he was waiting for the solicitor to contact him regarding the move. I then contacted the estate agent, who informed me that we had a moving date of September 11th. Conversely, our solicitor was not aware of this date and informed me that communication with the other solicitor was proving difficult, so this date would not be possible due to information not being exchanged. After this date passed, I decided to contact the estate agent; we discovered that the seller’s solicitor was on annual leave, so we were…

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