Experience Child Abuse And Neglect Essay examples

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Although we don’t realize it there are children all over the world that experience child abuse and neglect. Jocelyn was a child being abused by her parents, not physically but mentally. Jocelyn constantly being isolated feeling unloved and unwanted. She was having to lie and hide who she was because she was too afraid of her parents turning their backs on her. Always trying to reach her parents expectations and still being told her efforts were never enough, she was always hurting constantly crying and she felt so alone like the pain was never going to end. All the things she did was to satisfy her parents. She always wanted there and still never seemed to understand, she began to grow tired of feeling so worthless and “sorry” for herself as her parents constantly would tell her she was. It began to drive her crazy and was much stressed She was depressed and had a terrible anxiety disorder, her parents still could not see what their daughter was going through.
Eventually nobody understood, nobody realized, nobody saw all the pain and hurt she was taking on by herself. You don’t know what goes on in somebody’s life until you walk in their shoes. She still keep to herself because she didn’t want the attention that she would get so she continued to act like everything was okay. As the days went by she started to break and couldn’t take it anymore she didn’t see the point of seeing another day if she did nothing right and nothing felt right, she couldn’t even get through the day…

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