Expects Of Oppression In Feminism For Everybody By Bell Hooks

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What is feminism? Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression. In my own words feminism is used for a woman figure, who fight for civil rights and equality with men in all fields, such as being independent, stepping outside from house to look for jobs and making their career, achieving their goals, making decisions for their families or participating in political parties. However, today due to feminism movement women get more media attention compare to men in social issues. Everyday we have some breaking news on social media or on news channels on woman 's topic, which make men think that the word ‘feminism’ is an negative word itself. “Feminism,” people constantly blamed and degraded men by making the belief that …show more content…
Hence, they are raising issues like violence, patriarchy, ignorance, and domination to prove that men’s were masters, so men should not deserve more rights than them. Although, women’s need to realize that they can never get a positive outcome of quality in genders by blaming and insulting men. It can only create more distance in both genders by hate toward each other and balancing their thoughts. By looking at all these problems, I perceive word feminism is an incorrect word for the present generation since it creates more complication rather than ending the inequalities between both genders. So, I deem the best solution to resolve this problem is that we should change the word “feminism” to “Equalism.” This new word will lead much positive results by impacting both genders to peruse about equality, instead of abusing each other 's gender. Also, the word Equalism is sounds more relevant to this generation as long as it refers to both sides for equality rather than promoting one. But, it is possible that some people will not agree with this new term because of their old beliefs like patriarchy and norms. However, to change their views and beliefs about inequalities, we have to ignore them and move our steps forward to equality by changing feminism to

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