Film Analysis: Exit Through The Gift Shop

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Many people believe that Exit through the Gift Shop is a fairly odd film in general, because of the poor picture quality, and actual production of the film. There is so much more to a film than just picture quality, production, and characters. The most important subject in films is the content and theme. People want to figure out the theme and content so they know what is actually going on in the actual film. Exit through the Gift Shop is a great film and I really enjoyed watching the film, but the one thing I did not like about the film was that there was a joke. The film wasn’t a comedy film, so I don’t know why there would be a joke. There is so much more to Exit through the Gift Shop than just street art and Banksy being someone without being someone if that makes sense. The so called “Banksy” was recently arrested about a week ago for performing illegal acts by painting graffiti in the streets of London, but that isn’t even true. A couple reports came out …show more content…
I feel like there is nothing more obvious than that, but then again, Banksy is known for tricking people into thinking who he is, and I bet he loves all the popularity he is building for himself. As many people were expecting, Banksy wasn’t the only one making art and painting pictures. His “crew” was also making artworks for him. Is he the one telling them what to make or are they just making their own original artworks? This question can’t be answered because all the artworks look the same in the way that they are all made. In Exit through the Gift Shop, all the artworks are painted in the say way and they are put in the most distinct places. Everyone can see them, but they are put in those places for a reason, and I wonder if Banksy is doing this to fool with the community or he’s doing this for a personal

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