Existing Inequality Within Schools : The School System Essay

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Existing Inequality in Schools
The educational community is seeking for solutions to improve education today. The topic that will be addressed in this essay is the form of “segregation” that still exist in today 's school system. It may not be a physical form of segregation between colored and white that appears in our past history but it is a form of less education and opportunity provided to the “minority” (Black & Hispanic) students. Still existing segregation is a problem that in fixing may increase graduation rates and overall grades. This essay will include quotes from other advocates (writers) that support fixing the existing segregation in the school system.
The first writer is Jonathan Kozol, who writes an article called “From still separate, still unequal: America 's educational apartheid” in which he talks about how “segregation” in schools still exist, and gives examples and information of why it should end. Kozol talks about the many different schools, which include “... a high school in Cleveland that is named for Dr.King in which Black students make up 97 percent of the student body, and the graduation rate is only 35 percent”. This fact is only one of many schools that shows the little opportunities given to the schools with the majority of students being Black and Hispanic. Kozol also writes about the fact that in New York city there is many schools which have a significant percent of Hispanic and Blacks vs. Caucasian students. This shows that public…

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