Essay on Exercise Is Essential For People With Diabetes

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The amount of diabetic patients have considerably increased worldwide throughout the past few years. Lifestyle has a high impact in developing Diabetes. Day (2002 ) states “ Keeping fit is an essential aspect of maintaining good control of diabetes”( page 190 ). Exercise is essential for people with Diabetes to achieve better blood glucose control. Although regular exercise has a positive impact on both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes as it improves blood glucose balance, it appears to be more beneficial to the people with Type 2 Diabetes. Regular exercise helps to reduce weight and to minimise the risk of coronary heart disease. Regular exercise increases insulin sensitivity and also improves glucose tolerance. Additionally regular exercise helps to relieve stress in people (Hillson, 2015,page 234). People who are very physically active have got a good self- esteem. Although, exercise is considered very well for type 2 diabetic patients, intense exercise can cause danger. A higher percentage of men are diabetic than women are, especially with type 2 diabetes. The percentage of diabetic patients rises to its highest at the age range of 65-74, with 15.4% of all men type 2 diabetic and 0.2% of men type 1 diabetic. On the other hand, only 10.4% ofwomen are type 2 diabetic and there is no accurate statistic for women with type 1 diabetes at the age of 65-74(Thatcher, as cited by lecturer Bracken, 2016).
One of the major factors of why there are a high number of diabetic patients…

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