Exegetical Study on Corinthians Essay

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Exegetical study on:

1 Corinthians 14:1-6

Principles of Biblical Interpretation
Dr. Dale Hutchcraft
Alex Sullins
The passage that I chose to exegete is 1 Corinthians 14:1-6, the main idea of this passage is for the apostle Paul to confront the Corinthian church in Corinth about their misuse of the spiritual gifts, namely the use of tongues. The following is a full outline of the passage with the main point of each verse, it goes as follows:
1 Pursue love, yet desire earnestly spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

Paul starts out this verse strongly with the word “pursue” and “earnestly” showing the importance he is putting on pursuing the spiritual gifts. He stresses the importance though of the gift
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Paul felt though that it was necessary to write them for instruction and restore areas of weakness such as divisions, immorality, and abuse of the Lords supper (Barker).
The book of first Corinthians is full of Paul’s frustrations and his advice on how to fix the things that they have fallen into. It is apparent that Paul had written to the Corinthians before which may explain his abrupt way of confronting them. In the passage previous to chapter 14 Paul speaks of the three main components of a church, faith, hope, and love, and he states, “The greatest of these is love”. In chapter fourteen he starts with the phrase “pursue love”, and even more importantly the word “pursue”. After he states that he goes on with the term “desire” in reference to the spiritual gifts. Beginning the chapter strongly with “pursue” tells us that his main concern is that love is the focus of the church even though from this passage (14:1-6) it seems he is solely concerned on tongues and prophesy. In the following passage he continues to talk about tongues, which shows that it must have been one of the main problems at the church. Although he does speak more lightly about tongues in verse 13, telling them that if they are praying for tongues to also pray that he can interpret them, and he speaks lightly even more so when he says that he speaks In tongues more than them all, assuring them that it is not a bad thing to do.
Verse 1 Prophecy is the

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