Example Of An Excuse Essay

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Excuse: a try at defending a fault or offense. Excuse: an explanation presented to defend a fault or offense. A word with two meanings, not rare nor unsuitable. Similarly an excuse being used in today’s society is common and suspected whether or not it is suitable to run away from your problems. Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper and Thomas King’s Totem both show how it is common for humans to attempt to falsely justify their actions in order to make them seem appropriate. At first it may seem that an excuse can only be proved with solid justification, but further inspection shows there are many ways an excuse can be conveyed suitable. Both short stories show different types of justification for excuses there is such as bringing a majority factor or others in general to an argument, presenting an excuse as beneficial to oneself or other to make the excusing person not feel ashamed of themselves and displaying the excuse in a way as if the excuse itself is enough to prove actions done by someone. …show more content…
Although both short stories have completely different plot both have examples of different ways people prove their excuses. The first one to be looked over is the way people will mentions or involve others into disagreements to explain their wrong doings. Secondly, the two short stories, both contain situations where characters defend their misdoings by saying something positive has come out of their actions. Lastly humans are also known for presenting their reasons for their actions as if there reason is good enough to explain it in their actions. Humans continue to attempt to justify their actions, falsely, in order to make them seem appropriate. Whether or not it is okay to do so, this essay covered how people falsely justify

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