Excited Delirium Essay

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What is excited delirium and why is it important to law enforcement? Over the years the condition has been named and re-named as part of its very long and sorted history. A very small snap shot of what excited delirium entails is that it is a medical and physiological condition that sends the body into overdrive that elevates the heart and respiratory rates plus triggers other neurological changes. When the body can no longer operate at this very high capacity it begins to crash. This high level of agitation followed by the deceleration often has devastating effects on the individual that can result in an apparent unexplained death. Our bodies operate sort of like a machine if you continue to run them at elevated temperatures hotter then …show more content…
The person looks wild and their eyes seems to be bugging out of there head. The person starts being violent towards the cars that are driving by and there over all mannerism seems to be violent and threatening. The individual seems to be obsessed with the idea that someone is trying to kill them. Officers quickly recognize this individual is going to resist being taken into custody. Officers are trained to different tactics and techniques to subdue an individual that include pepper spray, swarm tactics, impact weapons, tasers and different holds. The fight or flight response in these individuals is going into over drive and they just keep fighting. Often the individual continues to struggles even after they have been restrained and this just keeps putting their body into overdrive. The officers has done everything by the book. The individual is hobbled in the back of the squad car and has now started to be calm and is complaining they can no longer breathe. Next thing the individual just quits breathing and the officers begin CPR and call for rescue. They are never able to bring the individual back and it’s considered an in custody

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