Compare And Contrast Intrinsic And Extrinsic Motivation To Learn

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Motivation to Learn

According to (Brophy, 1988) , student motivation to learn is “a student tendency to find academic activities meaningful and worthwhile and to try to derive the intended academic benefits from them”. Student motivation to learn is a critical aspect in learning and student achievement. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations are the two types of motivation which aid in student success. “Intrinsic motivation is defined as motivation which stems from factors such as interest and curiosity. Extrinsic motivation is motivation created by external factors such as rewards or punishment.” (Woolfolk, 2004)Many factors impact on a student’s motivation to learn.
Teacher characteristics are one of the factors which could inhibit a students’
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Every student must receive equal amounts of praise, reward and assistance in the classroom. If that is not provided fairly it demotivates students, weakens their self-confidence and causes resentment towards the teacher. This would then create an unhappy classroom atmosphere. This type of environment created by the teacher will hinder the students’ motivation to learn.
A teacher who could also inhibit students’ motivation to learn is a teacher who has no empathy. That teacher is mean to the students and does not display understanding and care towards the feelings of the students. There is no warmth in the classroom and students will feel disliked by the teacher. The students will be uneasy and uncomfortable during class. This trait will prevent students from expressing themselves and decrease their motivation to learn.
A teacher who is impatient also impact students’ motivation to learn. They don’t give students enough time to gather their thoughts to answer questions as they expect students to give the answer immediately. The teacher quickly embarrasses the student because they take time before answering the question or sharing and idea. Teachers with little or no patience may mistreat students who are having difficulty in grasping a particular concept instead of helping
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We all have varying learning styles. Therefore, Mr. Johnson should incorporate different methods of presenting the topics. This strategy will further increase Carla’s intrinsic motivation to learn. He can use movies, demonstrations and guest speakers to aid in accomplishing the desired objective of the lesson. For example, if Mr. Johnson is teaching about government, he could get the Prime Minister, government ministers or the governor general to tell students about the role of the government. Not only would the class be learning about the role of the government, they would be interacting with the Prime Minister and other Ministers and can even take pictures to display in the Social Studies corner. In addition, he could use games, role play and debates as varying ways of presenting the topic and achieving the objectives. This strategy of teaching the content using different forms of presentation would increase Carla’s intrinsic motivation to

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