Examples Of Retaliation In Hamlet

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Retaliation. A crucial yet vicious way of making someone feel content about an offense against the other. It is a reaction that many of us seem to take into our own hands, whether that is being physically, mentally or emotionally done. Throughout Shakespeare's play, there is one character that stands out as the embodiment of revenge. His name is Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. Prince Hamlet is a young man who goes through some devastating times throughout his life. Those times result a negative outcome. In the beginning of the play, Hamlet loses his father who was King of Denmark. Due to this loss, Hamlet becomes a whole new person. He becomes crazy, insane, and mad. Throughout the play, Hamlet’s level of madness increases. The most important reason for his madness is the death of his father and having to deal with his Uncle Claudius. He also finds out that his uncle will be marrying his mom and become the new king of Denmark. Those events causes him to become sad, depressed & suicidal. …show more content…
Prince Hamlet discovers that the object is a ghost and not just any ghost but this ghost approaches him by saying “I am thy father’s spirit.” Hamlet's first reactions was amazed and disbelief. Then suddenly, the ghost begins to speak to him. What Hamlet hears, is the one thing that sets it all off. This one thing will change his view of things. The father's spirit explains in detail that Prince Hamlet’s uncle is the cause of his death. The ghost also tells Hamlet to take revenge for the murder. “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (Act 1.5). Young prince took those words and goes off to destroy his uncle for what he has

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