Importance Of First Paragraph In Fahrenheit 451

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Importance of first few lines or paragraph
The novel begins with a quote which goes as following: “If they give you ruled paper, write the other way” ~ Juan Ramon Jimenez. Although this quote is not technically the beginning of the novel it is very important. It tells one not to mold to what is presented to him or her and defy the laws presented. Montag obeys this quote; he slowly escapes the mold society has created for him and does not do what is expected of him to do, he defies the laws.
The actual first paragraph of the novel has several purposes and they include giving the reader something to compare the new and old Montag to. The Montag displayed in the opening of the novel is a mold of the other men in society and he enjoys
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The people of the country put bans on books thinking that by doing so they would be bringing peace. However, this brings in more problems and causes people to lose their freedom of thought. The government takes advantage of the ban the people put on books and twists what was supposed to be a good thing to their advantage. They corrupt the way the people think and cause them to stop thinking for themselves. The people, like Millie Montag, think according to the seashells in their ears and the parlor families on TV – the government uses these forms of technology to essentially brainwash people and make everyone identical in thought. Everyone, but the few ‘intellectual’ beings, believe everything is going well, though ironically more and more people are being depressed and there are more wars. Without the freedom to think, no one has any knowledge and everyone is going around following the government’s orders like lost puppies. Moreover, those who escaped the government and what was supposed to bring peace are ironically better off with themselves and have a sense of …show more content…
person and internal person vs. self; the people of the country put a ban on certain books thinking it would bring more peace - soon after the government bans all books and says anyone who is caught reading a book will get prosecuted and their house will be burned by firefighters. The ban of books causes people to become more and more absorbed in TV and stop thinking for themselves – the government thinks that books give people more individuality and cause chaos (they want everyone to do as they say). However, many people still read books secretly and one of those persons happens to be Montag, a firefighter. He struggles with himself, in finding his true self and also fights with society in trying to bring books back. These conflicts lead to Montag being abandoned by his wife Mildred and him becoming a wanted fugitive who commits

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