The Giver Character Analysis Essay

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The Giver is the story of Jonas’s development into an individual. After Jonas became the receiver of memory, he realized that their rights have been stolen from them. They’ve been living like robots. Their individuality is being devalued because their right of making choices is stolen from every individual in the community. The nurturers kill the babies that are uncertain and call it “release”, but Jonas was the only person that knew that. Jonas’s father brought Gabriel, a baby that was uncertain and kept him for a while until he is ready to get a family unit. Jonas found out that Gabriel was going to be released, so, Jonas decides to leave the community with Gabriel so all the memories would come back and Gabriel will be safe too. In The Giver, the community members are emotionless, their rights of making choices is stolen from them. Basically they live in conformity. People should be able to have feeling instead of living a
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The people of Jonas's community don't understand genuine emotion or pain, because their lifestyles allow no opportunity to experience it and this is shown when Jonas saw his father killing a baby, what they call release, and says: “He killed it! My father killed it!” (Lowry, pg. 150). His father killed it because he didn’t know what it means. There was no guilt on his face because they are emotionless and I know that because When Jonas knew about what release means, he was really mad at the community members so the giver said: “Listen to me Jonas, they can’t help it, they know nothing” (Lowry, pg. 153). Which shows that people don’t know anything about murder. They don’t know what they are doing because they don’t have any feelings. The committee of elders didn’t want people to feel pain to create an Utopian community but they ended up making it dystopian because without pain there is no love or joy, so people ended up living a boring, robotic

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