Examples Of Managing Work Priorities And Personal Development

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Managing work priorities and personal development can be looked at in many a different areas, looking at some of the most important areas where I can learn what is most important in a good leader and what it takes to lead effectively.
What makes a good role model and how can I ensure that I act as a role model for employees I that supervise?
A good role model is some one that the employees can look up to and want to emulate that person’s behaviour. A good role model is a person who consistently displays a standard of work performance that others identify as desirable, superior to their own, who is consistently applied to their work, who is in harmony with the organisations values and desired behaviour. To ensure that I act as a role model
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The behaviour of a good leader will impact greatly on the workplaces efficiency and effectiveness. Good leaders will model behaviours that encourage employees to strive to improve their work and increase production, to endorse organisational goals and objectives. Leaders / managers will provide a positive role model for others and inspire them to do well. They will manage by example, lead by example and be visible and part of the communication loop, empower employees, Delegate effectively, in courage new ideas and Innovation and help build an inclusive organisational culture.
How can I ensure that my work goals and plan aligned to the organisation goals and plans?
For me to ensure that my work goals and plan align with the organisations goals and plans I need to have a very good understanding of what the organisations long term vision strategy and my own role and responsibilities through my job description, this requires that I have Innovation, discipline and the ability to prioritise commitments. Being a manager I would likely be given a broad direction of what is to be accomplished and then I would be required to set my own goals and plan my activities to ensure that goals are achieved. Referring to my responsibilities and accountability when setting work goals, creating work plans will insure that I head in the right direction. My performance should directly relate to my job
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But using a balanced scorecard I can examine my own role and responsibilities and device indicates and measures of my own performance. For this to work the measures and indicators need to directly relate and contribute to measures targeted by the organisation. Indicators are what is measured whilst the measure is as the standard that is required. Typically a personal balanced scorecard a written annually and reviewed periodically throughout the year. I can make sure that my personal work goals, plans and activities reflect the organisational plans by examining the long term vision

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