Definition Of Mood Of Happiness

1030 Words 5 Pages is mood. A mood that is hard to describe. It is a mix of positive emotions and a reflection of our well-being, which makes a big part of our everyday’s life. It affects our lives everyday, like our success or health. It also defines how we react to surroundings. While it can have both positive and negative impact on our living, in my opinion, everyone should pursue happiness to a certain point. It allows us to become a better person, because we are led to improve our personality in many different ways.
Pursuing happiness gives us goals and accomplishing goals makes us happy. These goals could be small things like buying a piece of electronics of Amazon with money I earned myself and worked for, or big things like getting a job in a dream company. Although these goals are relevant, they keep us becoming a better person just to earn them. A great example could be runners. All of them work hard in between their competitions to make their previous time faster. Beating it even just by one second will make them happy, because they improved themselves and were better than the last time.
On the other hand many people say they want to be successful in a certain
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According to researchers at Gallup World Poll (Levy), people living in rich countries seem to be more satisfied with their overall lifestyle. While it may be true that rich people are happier, not many people like to admit that money buys happiness. In my opinion it is because some people actually don’t think they will be happy, when they get rich. It is always nice to have money to travel and have fun, but I believe people with goals and room for improvement are the happiest, no matter how wealthy they are. But are they actually going to be happy, when they reach them? Some of them are, but most of them are not, because they have nothing to work for anymore and their lives become boring and

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