Examples Of Groupthink In Social Media

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Groupthink in Social Media

Katrina Venta
PSY 102
Professor Stommel
April 21, 2016
Groupthink in Social Media

Today in the United States — or anywhere in the world for that matter, there is great pressure on the need to be perceived a certain way by society. We live in a digital era and a generation of technological advancements — where our private lives aren’t so private anymore, and the need for approval is eating away our self-confidence and identity. We tweak things about ourselves to adjust to the ‘norm’, and end up compromising and conforming in certain situations. Groupthink, a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis, is the “conformity that frequently occurs in the decision-making processes of very close groups. These groups place greater importance on group solidarity and uniformity than on objectively evaluating the alternatives related to a decision. In this type of environment, it is difficult for an individual to voice dissent” (MindEdge, 2015, section 6.12). Groupthink in social
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In addition to cultural conformity, “this tendency to groupthink also explains why it is so difficult to change the status quo. People are generally afraid to voice public support for a perceived unpopular opinion so it takes quite a bit of individual courage, capability and effort to build support and overturn the majority view” (Tobak, 2014). So the easiest way to avoid falling into groupthink is by thinking for yourself. It seems to be the most obvious answer, but really, when you are put in a situation where the majority’s opinion is one you disagree with, it is easy to fall back and not let your voice be heard for fear of rejection. Especially with social media where it’s pretty much based on likes and the need for affirmation, it is important to hold on to our own belief system – and that shouldn’t change just because of the ebb and flow

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