Examples Of Foreshadowing In Owen Meany

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Foreshadowing in Owen Meany
A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving gifts us with the story of Owen Meany, a small, miraculous boy with a big mission. Owen Meany knows that he is ‘god’s instrument’. He later finds out, in a dream, when he is going to die, how he is going to die, and he is going to die a hero. The story offers a great deal of foreshadowing. The main idea that has foreshadowing are things being ‘armless’. Some of these items that are armless include: Owen, the dressmakers dummy, the armadillo, and Mary Magdelene.
Owen became armless when he saved all those many people from a grenade. That was when he realized why he sounded and looked the way he did. ‘“NAM SOON! LIE DOWN!” Even the littlest boy understood him.’ (612) When Owen was given a chance to ‘fix’ his voice through plastic surgery Owen politely declined the offer. He knew
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This foreshadows his death because Owens arms got blown off from a grenade. ‘When Owen Meany said “READY?” I figures we had about two seconds left to live. But he soared far above my arms- when I lifted him, he soared even higher than usual; he wasn’t taking any chances. He went straight up, never turning to face me, and instead of merely dropping the grenade and leaving it on the window ledge, he caught hold of the ledge and trapping it there safely with his hands and forearms. He wanted to be sure that the grenade couldn’t roll off the ledge and fall back in the room.’ (613) The dressmakers dummy, formerly belonging to Tabitha, was armless. Owen later used the arms of Mary Magdelene to put them on the dressmakers dummy. When Johnny found out that his father was rev. Merrill he put the dressmakers dummy outside the church, and threw the baseball through the window. When Rev. Merrill saw the dressmakers dummy he thought that he was seeing Tabitha in the

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