Cinderella Royal Table Research Paper

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Dining with Disney Princesses at Cinderella's Royal Table
Imagine dining in a majestic castle, surrounded by stone archways and medieval flags, with Cinderella, Snow White and Aurora for company. Aptly termed “Dining at Cinderella's Royal Table", this coveted dining experience in Disney's Magic Kingdom located at Orlando is many girls' fairy tale come true. Often fully reserved up to 6 months in advance, Cinderella's Royal Table offers breakfast, lunch and dinner in the banquet hall of the Magic Kingdom's legendary castle.
Make your reservation in advance
The Cinderella castle is situated in the Fantasyland of Magic Kingdom. In spite of the pricier menu ($50+ to $70+ USD for adults and $30+ to $40+ USD for children)
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The character appearances are subject to change, but Princess Jasmine, Aurora, Snow White and Rapunzel etc have been known to make their appearances. The princesses are really into their character role-play so don't be surprised if Snow White starts talking about her "flying carpet" or Aurora tells you that she loves your "gown". Even the waiters dressed up as page boys refer to the diners as "My Lady" and "My Lord". Due to the limited seating and immense popularity of the dining experience, each dining session lasts just slightly over an hour.Gratuity is already included in the price which has to be paid while making the online reservation, therefore there is no need to tip again after the meal.

A happily-ever-after ending
All in all, Royal Dining at Cinderella’s Table is a special experience which should be tried once, especially if you are already heading to the Magic Kingdom. It might be slightly expensive at over 70 dollars per pax for dinner, but you do get a pretty good meal in a “restaurant” with nice ambience. Best of all you get to interact and have pictures taken with 5 Disney princesses without having to queue up. 75 dollars for a happily-ever-after ending? Definitely worth

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