Beowulf Is A Hero Essay

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Beowulf is an epic poem that is written in Old English. Beowulf is a strong warrior from Geat with many accomplishments. He is a primary example of a hero. Even as the story changed from Anglo-Saxon based to Christian based, he is still a hero. He is courteous and loyal to everyone, but of a time of need were to occur his violent nature would arise. Beowulf is relevant to today’s society because it provides an example of a hero, it portrays coming together to rewrite the poem, and it teaches the natural violence of human nature that can occur in a time of need.

To begin, a hero is someone who is admired, someone that you can trust, and someone you can look up to. Beowulf is a prime example of a hero. He shows courage when going to defeat
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No matter what that need might be, people begin to act different to get what they desire. Beowulf portrays that of a perfect hero. He is strong, courteous, loyal, and brave. However, in times of need he is not as kind as he usually seems to be. For example, when he fights Grendel he rips one of the demon’s arms off leaving him to die. Beowulf did this because the demon was terrorizing Heorot and he did not like the people living in fear. As kind as Beowulf is, in his time of need while fighting, he becomes a different person who is set on winning at any cost. Another example is when he becomes King of Geat. For fifty years he prospered as did his kingdom. He did not have to be violent until a dragon began terrorizing his kingdom. So in his time of need to save his people he fought the dragon and killed it, but he also lost his life in the battle as well. In the times we are currently living in people say they are well mannered. However, in a time of need, a more violent side will arise. Just as Beowulf was a courteous and loyal person, in times of need he had a much more violent side appear. All things considered, Beowulf is a true definition of a hero. This story was passed down for generations by memory, but the point of him being a hero remained the same. Even as the story changed from Anglo-Saxon to Christian he is still a hero. He would fight for his men, and he would also die for them. In today’s society people will deny the fact that they have a violent side. Even as well behaved as Beowulf was he had a violent side. People need to learn to be brave and accept the fact that they are sometimes violent by nature, but that they can be a hero if they choose to

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