Examples Of Being Proud Of Human Race

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Are You Proud or Ashamed of the Human Race?
As if it is not bad enough to be kidnapped by aliens. But to be asked if “you are proud or ashamed of the human race” at gunpoint, in the middle of the night, before you could brush your teeth, and before you had your morning coffee! But as I sat there in the cold, dark room with only my teletubbie bear. All I could reminisce on was the last spoken words of the aliens… “Are you proud of the human race?” There are pros and cons, when you thoroughly think about the question. I am honestly proud of how far we have come. The many milestones from where I believe we started from Adam and Eve, pharaoh’s, Shakespeare to Gandhi and even our current president. The progress such as having a leader
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I pounded on the floor three times to give notice to the aliens I was ready to answer. The door opened, I took a deep breath and looked left to right watching these four eyed creatures as they patiently waited and said as the last one came in. “I have come to the conclusion…” I am beyond disgusted! I’m embarrassed. Four out of ten children were born out of wedlock, and 2/3 was birthed from a mother under 30. There are one in four children under eighteen (17.4million) being brought up fatherless, and over forty percent of that live below poverty. And this isn’t even a third world country! This is right here “In the land of the free, and home of the brave.” The difference between a single mother home and single father home is 66%, that’s 7,984,000. I decided to take my research a step further and see what the difference in income is. And it’s phenomenal… the median for a single mother household is 26,000 while the median for married couples is 84,000 that’s almost FOUR TIMES the income of a single mother household. So I ask again, what should I be proud of? Knowing that with these numbers I would be turning on my American people, shaming them with the little research that I have acquired. Saying publically that I am beyond disbelief of the numbers. After stumbling upon the fact that 37,680,000,000 approximately has been distributed overseas in 2012 for “foreign aid” I was …show more content…
The fact that instead of disclosing this type of news, were often bombarded with “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” the lies about Muslims being terrorist, the devaluing of a United States Senator, and appointed official Senator Clementa Pickney as well as the eight others that were watched, studied and murdered while in church gets as little attention as possible. But the taking down of the confederate flag and the arrest of Bree Newsome has generated more attention that I ever thought it would. And she is now being charged with defacing a monument which in South Carolina is a

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