Examples Of Being A Teenager

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Being a teenager takes the correlation of physical, emotional, and mental strength all to persevere and breakthrough and make it as a teenager. All the pressure from your parents, all the judgement and criticism and being in the shadow of an older sibling or an older family member. It 's the worst feeling ever teachers and professors are looking down upon you because you 're not having the same success as your sibling or family member had when they taught them, same goes for parents. However, parents they drive you to the edge of the world they expect you to surpass and exceed whatever an older sibling would do for instance, my sister Sana. On top of that, you 're just a 13 year old youngster who is still just getting the hang of it, and …show more content…
Me getting compared to someone who isn 't even remotely similar to you in style and manner was just tedious and bothersome to the point where i just had enough.I feel as though when you 're a teenager people fail to recognize who you really are. Being in my sister 's shadow was so bad that it came to a point in which i had to sit my parents down and tell them to stop comparing me to her, they didn 't want me to be my own person they wanted me to be a clone of Sana. However after years and years of being in Sana’s shadow i was finally was able to be who i really was, i wasn 't that same old serious kid that only cared about grades and studying, i felt rejuvenated it was just so relaxing. The best part about being a teenager would have to be finding who you are as a person everybody in the world is different and unique, you just have to find that within yourself. For instance, music helped change me in so many ways like my style i feel like i 'm completely different than anybody else in this world. Additionally, music has also inspired me in so many ways like my passion before i listened to music i didn 't know what i wanted to do or who I really was and music helped me find that and i 'm finally me. The advice i would give to a younger sibling or a friend would be to be you, don 't be another average Joe. Be something eye catching. Everybody is their own person and that is just something everybody has to find within themselves. Just as, I did with all the culture colliding and all the comparisons being drawn out I didn 't let that impede me from my path to be being who i really

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