Examples Of Age Discrimination In The Workplace

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Age Discrimination in the Workplace
Is it ever appropriate to discriminate based on age?
According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967(ADEA), it is prohibited to discriminate based on age, which the law protects such behavior for employees who are 40 years of age or older. However, there are forms of legitimate age discrimination that falls under the bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ). For example, if the job description required that a ten-year-old male needed to play a specific role as an older person would not qualify for that role. This would allow the employer to discriminate against the older actors legally, due to the specifications for the role. In my opinion, the reason is valid due to the role for a young
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For example, if I work in customer services, and optimized the position to the fullest, then the employer replaces the position, because they prefer a younger person voice to serve their customers. This would be the form of age discrimination. Since, the reason would be solely unreasonable, for the replacement of the position that the older employee performed adequately. There was no justification of the employer to replace the older employee other than the act of the employer own preference to deliver a younger person voice to its customers. This type of behavior and unfairness is protected under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), which was incorporated for older people and the issue they may encounter in the workforce. Second, example, a job promotion is given to a younger person due to management feels that the older employee, who is fully capable of performing the responsibilities of the position, is denied due to their age. This issue clearly demonstrates age discrimination and laws under section 7, would not tolerate and open for legal action. (Lau,T.& Johnson, L. 2011) An employee can sue the employer for discrimination under the civil rights category (Title VII) which grants the opportunity to recover past and future lost wages and benefits, attorney fees, and …show more content…
Ageism is protected to ensure those who are older individuals is not exposed to direct and indirect discrimination. For instance, if you have been treated, unprofessionally, due to particular characteristic, this would be unlawful. For example, if I was turndown at a local gym for a membership, due to my age, this would be a case of direct discrimination. On the other hand, indirect discrimination example, would be if in order for me to secured a cheaper payment plan that required that I be employed only, and retirees was subjected to no discounted plan, this would be a case of indirect discrimination. The steps to file an complaint is to make a formal complaint through the reporting procedure at the Equality and Human Rights commission, which all avenues must be exhausted, before the claim can go to court. Therefore, the public sector equality duty, which is their hospitals, local police authorities have a duty to their citizenship to promote equality of opportunity to ensure fairness and the law is being uphold. They take secure measures to include in a part of their daily assignment must considered older people and incorporate activities that is needed to assist them and

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