Example Of Sixth Extinction

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Species Extinction: A Pathway to the Sixth Extinction
We have all played a game of Jenga, each player removes one block per turn and either the tower will remain upright, or it will all tumble down. This Hasbro game is an exceptional example of the sixth extinction. Simply imagine each block as a different species. Humans are on top while other species like rhinos, polar bears and lions are on the bottom. If one is removed off of the bottom there is a possibility of all of them toppling over, including us. Mass extinction is defined as seventy-five percent of all species going extinct in a short period of time. Unfortunately for us, we are in the midst of our sixth extinction. However, this is not the liability of natural causes, but it is
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To illustrate, Earth’s population is growing swiftly while the flora population is decreasing briskly due to more human activity. Green plants and photosynthetic plankton in the sea are what provides us with oxygen and we need oxygen to survive (Marshall). That being the case, if all the photosynthetic species die then we are left with very little oxygen to support us and all of the other species that need oxygen. This effect will not be immediate for the reason that we still have plant life. However, Marine animals and the Big Five, five large animals that will have a huge impact on the food chain if they go extinct, could have way more tremendous effects than most realize. For instance, if a marine animal goes extinct then other species will feel the effect because the food they prey on is increasing and their predators will decrease causing a ripple. “climate change, which is hitting the oceans particularly hard by raising the water 's pH and dissolving the shells of many marine animals.” (Dell’Amore). This fact is far more shocking now that the consequences are clear and this is very dangerous to all of the species that we don 't realize we need to stabilize our ocean’s food chain and environment. On land, a group of five animals could cause a huge problem with their extinction. The big five includes lion, rhinos, elephants, leopard, and the African buffalo (Marot). Unfortunately, humans are being blamed for the decline in Earth 's fauna. Surprisingly, 33% of all the vertebrate species are either endangered or threatened some of which being part of the big five like the rhino. (Marot). If they go extinct the effect will be huge to the environment. For example, if the lion goes extinct all of its prey is going to prosper and as mentioned before cause a domino effect leaving a mark. This being said, the domino effect is to quickest way for all life on Earth

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