Mission Beach Rentals Marketing Strategy

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Radio Advertisement:
Specific media outlet/radio station: 105.7 The Walrus, Classic Hits station
Time of day to run ad: morning and between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. (common commuting times)
ANNCR: Time is running out; don’t miss your chance to save big on our gently used beach equipment
Whether it 's a bodyboard, skateboard, paddleboard or bike, we’ve got quality equipment with generously discounted prices
That’s right, it’s the end of the year clearance sale at Mission Beach Rentals
We’re ordering brand new equipment for the new year, and the pre-owned items SOUND EFFECT: HEAVY EMPHASIS AND AMPLIFICATION
Buying a new quality bike can be expensive, but
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In order to combat this, Mission Beach Rentals offers a variety of discounts and deals that are not offered during the peak months that run from April-September, otherwise known as the busy season. The primary goal of this campaign is to highlight these special offers in order to create a mental connection with the audience that links the idea of a good deal and Mission Beach Rentals.
After examining and comparing the prices and policies for the other rental shops located in Mission Beach, Mission Beach Rentals has an edge on its competitors with regards to price. Furthermore, the staff and management at the shop are extremely dedicated to customer service. Thus, an additional justification for the special deals is to provide not only a great value but also a positive experience with the staff in order to foster a potential repeat customer during the busy
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Traveling via bike has become part of the culture in Mission Beach due to a variety of factors. Due to the prevalence of thin streets, car traffic is common. The temperate weather also allows people to bike without fear of unpleasant conditions. This ad is great for the television medium because it highlights the appealing aesthetics of both the boardwalk next to the ocean, as well as the rental shop 's huge selection of equipment. Television advertisements are great for reaching a mass audience and rely heavily on visuals, according to Kleppner’s Advertising Procedure. While this ad does aim to inform vacationers about the best way to get around in Mission Beach, it also is able to showcase biking along the boardwalk, which could appeal to the local audience as

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