Patient Advocacy In Nursing Care

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Patient Advocacy
The nurse management issue I observed most on the Labor and Delivery unit at Mercy hospital was nursing advocacy and patient rights. There were many situations where nurses advocated for patients or for their fellow colleagues. During one evening I observed an Obstetrics physician and nurse advocating for a patient to receive a local anesthesia instead general, because the antepartum patient 24 weeks 4 days, gravid 1 para 0, in preterm labor. Prior to advocating to the anesthesiologist the nurse had administered magnesium, steroid injections, and IV fluids of Lactated Ringers all to prevent preterm labor or if patient would continue in labor. Long story short patient’s cervix was open and fetus transverse as shown via ultrasound.
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If we can’t advocate for our patient then we have failed our role as a nurse. In this situation the nurse’s role was a success. Shawna and Dr. Stanczy in this situation knew this was an emotional moment in the patient and spouse’s life and they didn’t want them to miss the birth of their first child. The anesthesiologist in this situation was only concern about his self and not the emotional aspects for his patient. There is definitely a nursing management issue that needs to be address in proper chain of administration. If the nurse has to plead a case every time with this anesthesiologist, then the nurse could be losing time with her patients which could indicate safety issues for patients. The anesthesiologist also needs to be respectful to his fellow healthcare professionals. Being disrespectful to other colleagues can reciprocate down to patient care and then we have other …show more content…
In reviewing several articles to both issues it’s obvious the health care profession is working to improve communication and safety between medical personnel and patients. One, article indicates a variety of individuals besides nurses are also responsible for ensuring that patient care is safely delivered, they include nurse educators, administration, social workers, patients themselves, researchers, government, legislative bodies, and the list goes on. Hospitals have also inquired patient advocate personnel. These individuals see patients on a daily bases during their hospital stay. They ask the patient about questions or concerns in regards to their health care needs. Another article implemented change to improve healthcare, which is Health care Reform. Health care Reform has made a big impact in patient’s health care needs. One, change that Health care Reform has made to advocate for patients is no more denials for pre-existing conditions in children, insurance companies cannot drop your coverage if you get sick, 80% of what insurance companies get have to go towards providing care and the list indicates more improvements to patient’s insurance coverage. Health care institutions have stressed employees receive the influenza vaccine every year and if they refuse they will have to wear mask with any indications of cough. I want to add one more improvement to

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