Example Of Logos In Speech

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Logos. Logos is an appeal to logic, which means to persuade by using facts, common sense, and reason.
Robert Cathcart wanted to know if a message was more persuasive if evidence was present. This study selected logical arguments to analyze. Specifically there were four ways he tested evidence implication and found that two ways where the most successful. “Speech B all contentions and assertions in the speech were directly supported with evidence, but none of the evidence was linked to source or documented in any way. Speech D all evidence and documentation by inserting the name of the person or document quoted. This speech also included the qualifications of the source or authority utilized (Cathcart, 1955,p.228-229)”. Since the format for
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This variable ended up being a critical component when finding out which participant where greatly influenced by the speech. In the end the researcher found the more the participant knew about the issue the less likely they would change their opinion. The participants who were less informed were easier to persuade. This aspect is important to consider because it can help challenge the speaker to do their best to compensate both audiences.
To do conduction this analysis Tamar Mshvenieradze used Aristotle’s approach to rhetoric: logos, ethos and pathos. This research study analyzed pre-election campaigns. Before the researcher dove in to analyzing she explained each
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This research zoned in on how the politicians pronoun used related to a certain approach to rhetoric. According to the researcher “we” and “our” are related to pathos. This is a way that the politician included themselves in the issues they presented. Inclusion helps showed that the audience and the politician have a shared problem. This then leads to the pathos appeal because the audience is able to feel a personal connection over the shared issue. Another example was when the politician used the pronoun “I”. According to the researcher “I” is linked to ethos. Using “I” gives the politician creditability and responsibility. The reason why is because usually “I” is followed by a prepositions the candidate has for change or explaining their qualifications. Lastly according to the researcher connective words are used as a logical approach. Some examples that were given were “initially, later, and finally”. These words help formulate a sense of a laid out plan that tells the audience where the problem is now to how it can be resolved and how it will affect the future. Every one of these approaches is evident in President Obama’s speech. This research made it clear on what words correlate with each

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