Rhetorical Analysis Of Rereading America

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While studying rhetoric under Professor Hackney, I’ve had the opportunity to analyze many essays and other work such as documentaries. I’ve consequentially been given a perspective such topics as the intellectual, Noam Chomsky, the extravagant homes of the residents of Park Avenue in New York and their influence on the political landscape. In my second paper, I became familiar with the tactics used by many politicians in their campaign advertisements to attract voters and besmear the character of their opponent. The concept of going back over old work to reform and improve old work was unexercised by me, previously. Having a unit of time, distancing one ‘self from the work, to then return with a clearer perception is quite useful. I learned plenty writing my first paper, as a rhetorical analysis of an essay required not only outside research, but the ability to put myself into the …show more content…
This work emphasizes several topics of controversy by including essays which were considered either highly influential or highly encapsulating of the topics at hand. The readings on feminism and the societal structure surrounding women, I found illuminating. When the conversation turned to immigration, I was appalled at the horrors imposed on the innocent, obviously seeking refuge for their lives and that of their children. The historic detriment of African Americans that persists today is not only enough to induce depression, but is somehow rarely acknowledged by those in power as well as the average, middle-class dinner table. I was further baffled by the close connection that the inhabitants of New York’s richest neighborhood had with the state of downtrodden wasteland that is it’s poorest. The epidemic of homelessness and poverty afflicting the ghettos of New York allied with the seeming indifference to such tragedies of the policy makers therein, is nothing if not

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