Example Of Heroism In Beowulf

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Cassie LeBlanc
English IV
Ms. Robinson
2 March 2016
Beowulf fought and won many battles in his time. Many knew him as a hero as others just heard stories. He was strong, courageous and brave throughout his lifetime as a warrior and a king. Anglo Saxon culture is how Beowulf and his era were supposed to behave. It was put into this poem to show how heroism and loyalty contributed to Beowulf?s story. During the Anglo Saxon time, being heroic was a part of the Anglo Saxon culture. Being a hero was what the people dreamed of becoming and how only few lived daily. Beowulf showed heroism through his actions and leadership in this poem. For example, Beowulf killed Grendel, the one monster no one could defeat, to help protect Hrothgar?s kingdom. Even though he did it to repay Hrothgar, it was heroic to save Hrothgar?s kingdom and to kill the evil of the good versus evil theme. Beowulf was brave as a hero; for
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Beowulf never turned his back on his people nor had any doubt, when it came to his followers, that he would protect them. For instance, when Beowulf went and helped Hrothgar he could?ve easily abandoned him to fend for himself because of Grendel?s abilities. As loyal as Beowulf was, he knew that Hrothgar helped his father so Beowulf defeated Grendel. Beowulf always knew to do the right things for his people and himself. He also cared for his warriors by giving them a place to stay and armor for the battles they fought in. Beowulf was a successful ruler and his warriors trusted him as much as he trusted them.
The story of Beowulf will always be known for its Anglo Saxon characteristics of loyalty and heroism. Beowulf survived many battles because of his devotion to his people and his heroic attributes. He will always be viewed as a hero in his era from all the great things he accomplished in his lifetime. The loyalty and determination of Beowulf will keep his story

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