Example Of Experimental Family Therapy

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Throughout this course, I’ve learned multiple parts of family therapy and how to effectively counsel families. Of the many family therapies, there were two that I identified with the most; Experimental Family Therapy and Bowen’s Family Therapy. Experimental Family Therapy, primary Virginia Satir’s techniques, allows family members to become more aware with their feelings through three phases; engagement, involvement, and disentanglement. With Satir’s techniques, such as the “I” statements and sculpting, are more structured and help family members to be more expressive. With the Bowen’s Family Therapy, families are counseled as a unit and help family members related to one another at a more cog native level; genograms play a major role in the …show more content…
I was always intrigued with learning about my family’s history. Needless to say, the Genogram assignment was the most exciting to me. The most interesting part of the assignment was exploring different traits that are passed down each generation. For example, I’ve learned that I inherited my poor eyesight from my maternal side of my family and my height from my paternal side. With my genogram, I plan to extend my research and find out more information about my interesting family history. Lastly, learning the different types of families was helpful. Learning about blended, nuclear, and single parent household will be useful when counseling the youth. Depending on which type of family a child comes from can determine when a child may act a certain way; this is essential to a counselor.
As a counselor. I plan to utilize all of the theories that I learned for family therapy. In a counseling therapy, my priority will be to learn about my client and his/her family’s history. I would first find out what type of family they are and then have my client map out a genogram dating back three generations. By doing this, the client and I would be able to talk about his/her family’s history and successfully analyze where the issues may align. If executed successfully, I feel my therapy sessions with my client would be

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