Essay on Examining The Three Kinds Of History

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The Holy Bible is an intriguing collection of historical accounts recorded over a period of

approximately 2000 years. The historical accounts published within the Bible provide an

insightful glimpse into the thoughts, perspectives, and feelings of God and the people who

inhabited the Mediterranean and Mesopotamian areas during this epoch, as well as detailed

descriptions of the multitude of events that transpired during this era. The content of the Bible

has been crafted by innumerable authors and cultivated over a lengthy extent of time. To fully

comprehend the Bible and its enriching subject matter, we must analyze the development of this

work and the assorted types of history used to compose the Bible. Within this essay, I will

examine the three kinds of history essential in the creation of the modern Bible; oral, written, and


The primary source of information for the earliest section(s) of the Bible were songs,

stories, and other accounts of historical events that were recounted and memorized by the

Hebrew people prior to 1500 BCE. These differing forms of storytelling were transferred through

countless generations and served as the main method of preserving the knowledge of past

experiences. These varying styles of retaining knowledge of historical events can be summarized

as oral history which is the collection and study of historical information using collective

memorization of past events. The tradition of oral history among…

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